Hopping of Data


I would like to run an experiment where I have one initial environmental sensor and a MegaModem. However the distance between those two is too huge for them to communicate. Therefore, I would like to place an additional environmental sensor between those two to enable the communication. This is called hopping according to my knowledge. I consulted the website of digimesh, which is the protocoll used. However it was not explained clear enough how to set up such an measurement.

I hope that you can help me with that issue.


If you want to use environmental sensor has a data rpeater as well, you will need to do following things

  1. Purchase it with external power
  2. While placing the order mention; this” disable sleep mode in radio”


Hi, Thanks for your answer.

Is this also true for all other sensors ? Such as the bipolar pressure and temperature sensor, the water detection sensor and the pulse/frequency meter ?


Yes, it can be any ncd wireless sensor