Help with current sensors implementation

Hello to all.

Im new into this topic and would like your advice regarding ideas on how to implement.

I currently have a Raspberry pi 3 B+ running raspbian.
I have purchased from NCD a current monitor with 3 split cores

I also got the i2c to iot adapter for the sensor and the iot adapter for the raspberry

I have the following question then:
*could you please advise on how should configure the raspberry in order to detect the current monitor?
*I need to acquire current measurements from each split core and send them to a mysql database periodically through the raspberry (which its connected to the internet). what would be the best approach for this requirement?

thanks so much in advance



The first thing you will need to do is enable I2C on the Pi. That is covered in this video:

Once I2C is enabled I would recommend putting together a Python script to read the current sensors and store that information into your Mysql database. We have Python sample code for the current monitoring boards here to help get you started:

If you have any questions please let us know.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Hello Travis

Thanks so mucn for the info. I will look at it and start configuring the current monitor.
Ill come back in case i have more questions


Can i use NCD current sensors on cayenne dashboard? Are they compatible?
If so, how can i add it on that platform? i dont see them supported


Yes, you sure can. I however am not super familiar with Cayenne. @Bhaskar can you elaborate on this?

i dont think its possible to create custom hardware in cayenne.
You could use losant.