Help understanding/setting the delay on IORelay app

Hello, I have an Industrial Relay Controller 16-Channel DPDT that I am trying to control over wifi with the IORelay app. I would like to be able to use the app’s macro feature to close a relay for a given time (say 5 seconds), then open back up. I have figured out the commands to reach each relay in the macro, and how to close and open, but the delay feature has got me stumped due to inexperience with all of this. When the macro opens up the default value for the delay is 50. Much appreciation for any help with this!

I was able to do what I needed for the macro, problem resolved. In case this might be helpful for anyone, the provided macro has two sections for adding down actions and up actions. In order to do what I needed, close relay for 5 seconds then open, I placed both commands (down and up) in the “add down action section” since the macro seems to go sequentially through commands by section. If I placed the up command for the relay in the “add up action” section it would send the command immediately regardless of whatever delay I placed on the down command in the down action section, only closing the relay momentarily.