Having Trouble to connect with usb modem

Oh okay thank you for letting me know that. I worte D1 for SPI_ATTN [1] from disabled.

So now I set the value of D1 to SPI_ATTN[1] but the modem still cannot detect any sensors in Alpha Station.

That’s very strange. The sensors must be working if they are checking in with the IoT Edge Computer. The Modem also must be working if you can read settings using X-CTU.

One other thing you can try is opening the Terminal in X-CTU, then press the reset button on one of the sensors to see if any data comes in the X-CTU terminal.

Oh no sir, first thing is I’m now trying to detect sesnors by using USB Modem not Edge computer. And second thing, even in edge computer, I wasn’t able to detect the V2 sensors that my predecessor purchased last year(we had been using that about 5 monther in the plant area). So, the 6 of V2 sensors are not being detected in both of Edge computer and USB Modem.
I didn’t test in Edge computer’s XCTU for the 6 sensors, but those were not detected in Node-Red.

Ok. Do you have any sensors that are working? Are the V3 Sensors working? If so can you see telemetry from them via the USB modem and the IoT Edge Computer?

Have you tried replacing the batteries in the V2 Sensors? If you have and they still do not work then it may be best to send them in for repair. You can do that by completing an RMA form here:

is this the same setup i helped you to with ?
i believe i had an online meeting and had al unit working. that time issues was that all batteries were dead and radio module settings were modified.

None of those are working right now. And I can see the telemetry of V3 sensor in my USB modem’s Alpha station.
I already changed the battery for those sensors, but it was working just a few days and wasn’t working after that. I want to send those sensors to repair. Thank you!

At that time, I just switched on and off the sensors and I could see the sensor telemetries in Alpha Station but now that process doesn’t work at all. But inthat case, the sensor used to stop working during the plant system. So there might be having a problem. I think.


I’m now trying to send those sensors, but before that I want to know those will be under warranty or not. If not, I wanna know how much should I pay for it. Just guessing will be fine. The order numbers are at below.
#467070 #462877 #462816 #454898 #451053 #451028 #451023

all these are under warranty

Thank you for your answer! Will those be all free of charge for getting repair service then?

Thanks a lot for your guideline of the warranty policy.