Having Trouble to connect with usb modem

As you told me to do, I was trying to open X-CTU connection but it says the device not found. During the window appear requesting to reset the modem, so even I pressed the reset button in the modem, it happened nothing. And after a minute later, I clicked the cancel button. How should I do next for this case?
Thank you.

can you share a picture of the board

Yes sure.
Those the pics of XCTU error.

Keep in mind only one software application can connect to the COM port simultaneously. If you are running X-CTU make sure all other applications(such as Alpha Station or Node Red) are not running.

yeah for sure. I restarted the computer and ran that software only. Even tho I did that the software wasn’t connected… Please help

I think we should take a step back and look at one thing at a time. I believe you are attempting to do too many things at the same time while using hardware that is very new to you.

I believe you have an IoT Edge Computer. Please just answer the following(for now ignore the fact that you own a USB modem). If you follow the instructions outlined here are you able to see debug data coming from the wireless sensor:

Thank you for your answer.
Yes, there is no issue with my edge computer. The edge computer has been working perfectly. But I have been haiving trouble with usb modem, I was trying to connect my usb modem to alpha station, since it wasn’t working, you asked me to show you X-CTU connection. And in X-CTU, it said “cannot detect any modem” even though I pressed the reset button during the process.

Ok. Thank you for answering that. So the IoT Edge Computer and all sensors are confirmed to be operating as expected.

Is there any way you can provide a top down photo of the USB modem with the lid removed?

@Bhaskar The USB module seems to be properly mounted to the computer as displayed in the Screen shots above(COM6 USB Serial Port listed in X-CTU). However when running X-CTU it is not able to detect the wireless module. Are there any other troubleshooting steps you can suggest for the USB modem or should it be sent back for warranty repair?

Yes, the edge computer is working properly. Thank you for your confirmatio of it. But some of old sensors(V2 of Current, Vibration sensors) are not working in edge computer I’ll ask more about this if the usb modem is working.

I’ve attached the pictures of usb modem. Please see and let me know if there is something I need to handle.

I Believe the wireless module is installed in the wrong spot. Pull it out and install it in the other socket.

OMG Thank you. My USB modem is now working.
I can configure my vibration sensor V3 in Alpha Station.
But I have anither problem now, I have 3current sensors of V2 and also 3 of V2 vibration sensor. Those were purchased by my predecessor of my project last year.
I was able to configure one of them(V2 vibration sensor) but the others are not detected in Alpha station. Here are what I habe tried.

  1. Turn the switch on and off - not detected
  2. Factory reset (press and release reset button, hold configure button for 20 secs, press and release reset button.) - not detected.
  3. Not even detected in Edge computer either.

Could you give me some solution to solve this problem please?
Thank you for every helps.

V3 sensors are not compatible with Alpha Station. You will need to use Node-Red on the IoT Edge Computer to configure and communicate with V3 sensors.

Please send a top down photo of the IoT Edge Computer with the lid removed, then also send a photo of one of the V3 Sensors that is not working with the lid removed.

Oh sorry, please don’t mind with v3 sensor. I’m trying to connect V2 sensor to my USB modem…

Please send a top down photo of the IoT Edge Computer with the lid removed, then also send a photo of one of the V2 Sensors that is not working with the lid removed.

sorry, I’m now having only sensors actually I have 6 of V2 sensors. 3 Vib, 3current.
Also I already installed Edge computer to the plant with the new V2 sensor and one of V3 sensor. So now I have USB modem, 3 currents 3 vib sensors.

So are you saying Alpha station never discovers any of the sensors? You can force the sensor to send a transmission by pressing the R button inside the sensor while Alpha Station is running.

No sir, no data is comming to Alpha Station.

Can you send screen shots of the configuration settings stored in the XBee module installed in your USB modem? You can get that information from X-CTU.

Yes. Here are the connection details in XCTU

All setting appear to be correct except for D1 is set for SPI Slave Select. I believe that setting should be set to 0. Not sure how that would have happened.