Has anyone used Cayenne with NCD current monitors?

I’m working on a project and intend to use Cayenne that will monitor current with a NCD device (https://store.ncd.io/product/12-channel-on-board-95-accuracy-20-amp-ac-current-monitor-with-iot-interface/). Before I order the board, I want to see if anyone has had issues using NCD current monitors with Cayenne. Did you add it as a generic analog sensor? Do the channels get added as a single sensor? Will I be able to differentiate the channels in Cayenne?


I never used the current sensors with the Cayenne, but i have used with the Losant it works great.
here is a sample blog post on how to connect ncd devices with Losant.


Awesome, havent heard of losant, I’ll look more into it. Did you use a current monitor with more than 1 channel? Id imagine you could see each channel in Losant individually but not sure. Thanks for your response.

yes i did. i am working on writing an article about it as well.
Its super easy to use. You can display all sensor in section and thy will appear in different different color, which makes it real easy to track.

Have you Checked into Losant and interfaced it??? coz im also struck into it