Guidance on suitable sensor for water level measurement


I am looking to measure a water level in the range 0 to 100 cm. I am having a hard time figuring out which sensor is best suited for the job.
I hope to connect the sensor to a pneumatic air tube which goes the the bottom of the water reservoir and thus measure the pressure at the bottom of the reservoir and use this to infer the level.

I have looked at a SM9541 which appears suitable.

I have also considered this AMS5915:

Are there any pros and cons? I am a little new to this sort of measurement equipment so I appreciate any help and guidance.

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Hi Eskild,
AMS sensors are easy to use, extremely accurate and easy to install. I will recommend AMS sensor.

Great, that narrows down my search space :-).

Do you think this particular one, AMS5915-0100-D, is suitable for measurement of up to 100 cm water column?

I am unsure what the difference is bteween that one and the AMS5915-0100-D-B ( for instance.

Do you think the AMS5915-0100-D is the best of the application or should I go with the AMS5915-0100-D-B?

Thanks for your help :-).

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Bidirectional Difference Pressure Sensors measure the difference between two measuring pressures, in doing so it doesn’t matter which pressure is higher or lower. In this way low and high-pressure can be measured comparative to a given pressure

Differential pressure sensors measure the difference between two measuring pressures.

the ideal pressure sensor will be

or this

and make sure you use nozzle two to measure the liquid pressure.



You want a Bi-Directional product if Pressure of Port 2 > Pressure of Port 1.
According to the Datasheet, Water can only be used on Port 2. Port 1 will be left open to atmosphere.

Bi-Directional sensors have a “D-B” at the end of the product code.

This sensor will work perfect for your 100 cm application


Hi rfontaine,

Thank you for making me aware of this crucial detail. This is a great help for me so that I can get the right part for the job. I am definitely going with the AMS5915-0100-D-B for this particular application.

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