GPI/O on simple RS232

Searching for the simpliest way of transferring 4 contact closures to 4 mechanincal relays.
Purchased the PR60-11 Mircc4 Seriel, but did not notice its only working on 115,2 Kbaud, together with the R45PRO relay board, that works within 1200/2400/9600/19.2K Baud. So where to find working mates? Either a 4 channelTX board (1200/2400/9600/19.2K Baud) Ore a 4 channel relay RX working on 115,2Kbaud.
Thanks in advance :wink:


Those two devices(PR60-11 and R45Pro) are not directly compatible with each other to work as a stand alone system. You would need software between them receiving contact closures inputs from the PR60-11 and sending relay relay control commands to the R45Pro.

This product is what I believe you are really looking for:

Hi Travis.
Thats exagtly what I need. Just ordered 2 sets on your store.
But by searching on your store I couldent find this set easily - Thanks.

Hi Berg,

We have so many products on the site it can be hard to find what you are looking for sometimes. We do our best to categorize and make things easy to find but it’s a big challenge.

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