Getting a PR55-45L Sensor Sample Every 10 Seconds


I recently purchased:

  • 1x Industrial IoT Wireless to Ethernet Modem (PR55-17B)
  • 2x Industrial IoT Long Range Wireless Environmental Temperature Humidity Pressure Air Quality Sensors (PR55-45L)
  • 2x IoT Long Range Wireless Light Sensors (PR49-24C)

I am trying to use Alpha Station to bring up the sensors and make sure they work. I am successful in connecting to the modem by finding the IP address on UDP port 13000. Seen below is me connecting to the device.

Alpha Station Success:

For now I was trying to connect one of my PR55-45L sensors to my modem and set the sensor output rate to 1 sample every 10 seconds. Below shows the configuration I was attempting:

However when I go to read the sensor configuration it resets to 24 seconds:

Am I doing something wrong?



it can not be set to 10 sec, the interval has to be 24sec multiple. the sensor has inbuilt heater which needs sometime to heat up in order to measure AIQ

Okay thank you for responding.