Getting a "Device Identiication Failed" in Base Station

I have a Ethernet to I2C Converter which I configure the static IP using NCD config tool.
I can ping the device and this is fine.

I have a 8 channel relay card connected.

I can control my device in alpha station - i cab toggle relay and with the LEDs go on and off as connected but in base station the device Id fails and I have no connectivity even though the device is discovered. Using the API in LabVIEW I can also connect to the device but cant communicate with the rlay card.

I 'm currently connected directly to my laptop but I have also tried a switch and see the same results.

I’ve seen posts recommending using a router - does anyone have instruction for connecting to a router and i a router a must?

Alpha Station was developed for I2C devices which is why it works with the product you have.

Base Station and the LabView examples were developed for ProXR Series relay controllers which is why they do not work with the hardware you have.

We do not have LabView examples for the hardware you have.

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Travis Elliott

Thanks for the reply.
I’m well versed in Labview and I don’t mind creating the necessary TCPIP device drivers.

Can you please point me to the appropriate api and api reference document I can use.


Documentation can be found under the resources tab of the product page here:

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Thank you for your help