Gateway - LTE connection is constantly disable

Dear NCD,

We are facing a persistent problem of activating the internet connection on the Industrial IoT Edge Computer Gateway, using the hologram IoT sim. When we try to activate the interface 3g-LTE, we continuously receive a message that it is telling that it is about to be activated but this process never ends with success.
In the attached files you will find some log files to better have a look at the problem.
Could you asap tell us how we could resolve this issue?


root@NCDGateway-6B83~bin# .lte_enab.txt (726 Bytes)

Have you confirmed with Hologram that the SIM is activated for use?

The first connection of a newly activated SIM can take up to 1 hour to initialize the connection.

Hi Travis,

Yes, the hologram SIM has been previously tested and operated with success for a duration of 3 weeks.
Also, I can confirm that it can operate smoothly when we included it in a mobile phone.


  1. did you make any changes in the chat script or any default settings?
  2. was this gateway used with any other sim card
  3. whats your location?

No, and the gateway hasn’t been deployed with another sim.
The location of the installation is in France.
Anyway, we managed to skip this malfunction by developing a custom solution.
So, we can close this thread.