Fusion Relay Board Unexpectedly changes relay states

We are using a Fusion 16 relay board FLL-FXR161DPDT that has two Ethernet ports. Each Ethernet module has the same IP address but they are on different networks. The status of all 16 relays is requested periodically on both networks. We also send commands to open or close specific relays at times, but the same command is never sent on both networks. The only common message on both networks is requesting relay status.

We are seeing the relay board unexpectedly change the state of the relays to what looks like All On to All Off once in a while. I’m wondering if both networks request relay status at the same time if there could be a potential problem. Is there any other thing that could cause this unexpected behavior? Thanks


How often does this anomaly occur? If it is often can you try disabling one of the Ethernet connections to see if that alleviates the issue? Honestly it should be impossible for this anomaly to occur based on two status requests at the same moment. This is because the API format requirement on fusion ensures that a packet is in tact so it would not be possible to mix bytes from two separate packets and cause the incorrect command to be processed. If the two packets were to be mixed the check sum would be incorrect and the data would be discarded by the Fusion processor.