Fusion expansion boards - cable length limitation?

I have a Fusion unit with 2 of the 64-relay expansion boards. However, the way I need to mount them requires a longer cable length than the ones supplied with the boards. Can I order longer cables and is there any cable length limitation between expansion boards? I probably need something between 2-3’ to reach where I need to mount the boards.


Yes, you can order longer cables. You will need to contact DeeAnn directly by email to order them(orders@ncd.io). Just let her know you need Fusion Expansion Relay cables(FXR). Also let her know the length. I never recommend cables over 3’ in length, and if you are chaining expansion boards you should definitely keep them as short as possible.

Thanks – so is there a concern about overall length of the chain as well as the individual cables? My planned config will be Fusion IO > 2ft cable > 64-relay board > 2 ft cable > 64-relay board > 2 ft cable > 48 contact closure board.

Any issues there? I may be able to tweak the layout to get some of the 2’ cables down to 1’ if you feel that the overall length could potentially cause problems.

I believe you will be fine if the cables are 2 ft, but keep it as short as you possibly can.