Fusion 64-Channel Relay Controller Behaving Erratically


I’ve been working with a new-ish (~100 use hours) Fusion relay controller. The board is powered at 12VDC using a regulated power supply, so power spikes/interruptions shouldn’t be an issue. As I work with it I notice two issues occuring that I’m trying to solve.

  1. When rebooted relay 3 on bank one activates. This happens every time. I have confirmed that there is no short in the circuit the relay controls, and the relay is perfectly controllable afterwards (can be toggled back on and off). This is largely a minor annoyance but is still something I would like to address.

2)The much more pressing issue is that occasionally the board will “crash” when receiving commands over USB. When this happens the BUSY and READY lights turn off, but the USB light remains lit and the relay array indicator lights are dimly lit. To get the board to work again I have to remove it from it’s power source and disconnect the USB and then reconnect. The issue s sporadic - it seems to occur randomly and doesn’t affect only a specific relay.

Any advice in dealing with these issues is greatly appreciated.


  1. More than likely that relay is turning on at power up due either to a Reactor event or the Taralist Midnight backup buffer. Does your board have a TLEE module?

  2. What are you controlling with the relays?

Hello Travis,

  1. Yes, it does have a TLEE module.

  2. We are controlling small solenoid valves. Each one also has a flyback diode to deal with with any voltage spikes that might come from an inductive load.

Unfortunately on powering up today the board seems to have failed completely. When power is applied no READY or BUSY light comes on but all relays in banks 5, 6, 7, 8 trigger and remain on. Is there some way to do a “hard reset” of everything?

Are you able to communicate with the board from software at all? If not then it will need to come back here for repair as there is no hardware reset functionality. To return the board for repair fill out the RMA here and follow the instructions:

If you can still communicate with the board through Base Station please let me know.

Thanks Travis,

Unfortunately we are no longer able to communicate with the board.

I will complete the RMA and get the repair process started.