Fusion 4 Web I Emergency Sequence

Dear All,

Situation: I have an Astronomical Rotation Dome fully controlled. When for some reason i cannot access my computer, or somethings happens, i want to be able to close the dome in an emergency situation from anywhere in the world. So i want to acces the webserver on the board itself and handle some things:

I have a Fusion 4 board, with Web I server TCP / IP, and also A/D sensor.

Is it possible to automatically press a Macro button or anything else on the web server and that does the following step by step

1: Power ON relay nr 8 in my case UNTIL A/D 1 is High? ( value 0 ),
2: Power OFF relay nr 8 ( This has to be done really fast ( within 1 sec, after A/D 1 High value is High )
3: Power ON relay nr 5 for 80 seconds.
4: After 80s. Power OFF relay nr 5.

Is this possible to install on the webserver, or is this to difficult.

Thanks in advance. I just thought: let’s ask straight away ;-).