Fusion 16-Channel DPDT Relay Controller with 16 GPIO


I’ve been working on this controller box for about a week. The operation of the relays seem to be very intermittent. I am using the ZUSB access to talk to the controller. Once the USB cable is connected, I can see the USB led turn ON and once 12V power is connected I can see the READY led ON.

When I send commands either using base station application or my code to the COM at the right baud rate (115200), the relay operation (click) is intermittent. It is strange because I also get a success return string when I send the command even though its not working.

170 2 1 1 174 * ON (return string)
170 2 1 0 173 * OFF (return string)

Is there a way around to troubleshoot this issue or catch the fail when its not working. Please advise.


My first suspicion would be a power supply issue. Are you using a 12VDC power supply that we provided?

When you send an on or off command which does not operate the relay do you see the Busy/Ready LEDs on the board flash indicating that the board did in fact receive the command?