Fail Safe - Wireless 4-20mA 4-Channel Input endNode?

Hello, I need to use this relay module in a safety critical environment. I would need the outputs to be programmed to open if the module is no longer powered.

Wireless 4-20mA 4-Channel Input with USB Interface - Wireless I2C (

I have done some testing and found that the relays retain the state they had when power was removed. I would need them to open instead in order to shut down the equipment dependent on the relay when the power to the relay module is removed.

Is it possible to program the module this way? If so, how?



This is not currently configurable. This would require a “deadman switch” functionality in the firmware which has not been requested in the past.

Could you tell me the current in mA that this device uses if supplied with 24VDC ? Thanks

The maximum current draw during wireless transmission should not be more than around 1.2 watts.

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