Extend contact closure from one site to another


Sure thing Brian, make sure you empty your cart on our site, then click this link:


Order placed (# 303565). No need to send another power supply or cable. I filled out the RMA form in the name of the original purchaser, Kevin Huck.


Hey Travis, I have not yet received an acknowledgement of my RMA request submission. Should I be receiving an RMA number? Also, can you give me an idea as to when my order for a replacement board might ship?



Hi Brian,

I am not seeing an RMA listed under your name. Perhaps it did not go through for one reason or another. You might try creating an RMA again.

I would estimate lead time for your replacement board to be around 3 days from order placement to shipment.


As mentioned, Travis, the RMA request was submitted in the name of Kevin Huck, the person who actually paid for the first order (and to whom the refund should be credited). If you can’t locate the request, I can re-submit. Alternatively, I could submit under my name and I can simply forward the refund to Kevin


Hi Brian,

I am only seeing one RMA received yesterday but it was from a different customer.


Hmmm. I know I pressed the “Send” button, but let me do it again.


Just sent it again Travis. Let me know if it still does not arrive.


I’m still not seeing it.

@Jacob could you assist Brian getting an RMA submitted?


Hi Brian,

Looks like the RMA system is working from my computer. Could you let me know what browser and OS you’re using and I’ll run a test with that?

If possible you could try it on google chrome.


Hi Jacob. I’m using Safari 12.0.1 on Mac OS 10.14.01 (beta).



Hi Brian,

My apologies, but that form turns out has a quirk.

Its throwing a fit over the parentheses in the phone number field so just get rid of them and it should go through.

I’ll fix the issue after we get your RMA in, just in case it gets worse before it gets better.test


Just resent w/o parentheses, Jacob. I may have hit the Send button twice.



Still didn’t take it, but I manually entered in the data so we’ve got it in our system. Did you get the instructions email?

Also I fixed the field so it now accepts any format.


I did get it Jacob, and I’m on my way to the post office. Thank you.


Dammit, DAMMIT!!! I just received the replacement board. As I was mounting it in the enclosure, my screwdriver slipped out of the screw head and tapped the same component that came off the earlier board. BOOM, it broke off AGAIN!! VERY poor design to be so susceptible to such easy damage, i.e. by being so close to a mounting hole. In my view, that component should be held in place more strongly, moved to a different location on the board or encased in something protective like a glob of silicon.

So I’ve got to get yet another!! But once I receive it, can you tell me if some silicone will affect it’s performance, e.g. might that interfere with heat dissipation, if I put silicone over it? Also, do you have another board in stock? If so, I’ll gladly pay for next day delivery.

Please advise.


Travis: when I didn’t hear from you on Friday, I ordered from Amazon a soldering kit suitable for use with PCBs. It arrived today and I just successfully reattached the troublesome component. The board is now sitting here on my desk with the Electron breathing cyan! Whew!!

I have several remaining questions, some of which I asked before but did not get a response to, as well as a couple of new ones. I hope that you and/or others here on the forum can help with them. I’ll post them shortly.


HELP! The entire solution is now in place. Both NCD boards with their Electrons are powered up, both Electrons are “breathing” cyan and the wiring to external devices complete. The float switch in the storage tank has yet to close and it may take days for enough water to be used for it to do so. Therefore, to test the functionality, I crossed the two terminals to which the switch is connected - GP2 and ground - with a multimeter (4.88 DC volts is about what should be expected, right?). I had someone at the well site watch the NCD board there to see if the R1 LED lit up; it did not. It should have, right? What am I missing???

Does the fact that there are events in the Particle Console event log for the device at the tank but nothing in the log for the device at the well tell us anything?


Hi Brian,

From the screen shot there is appears that the board at the Storage Tank is publishing 0. That is telling the other board to turn off both relays. Until that board publishes a 1 Relay 1 on the other board will not turn on. Disconnect everything from the Storage tank board except for power and the antenna. Now get a short jumper wire(paper clip will work). Install it in the GP2 and GND terminals. After you do this the board should publish a 1 once per minute. If it does not publish a 1 once per minute then please send a photo of how you have the board wired.


Thanks Travis. I’m off to try that, but for whatever it’s worth, the log has never shown anything other than a ‘0’ since inception. Since I already has a photo, I’ve attached it here.


When I was doing the testing, I bridged GP2 and GND with my meter. Isn’t that the same as a jumper?