Example flow for Node Red will not connect with Raspberry Pi

I have set up a raspberry pi 3B+ with a touch screen. I am trying to get a 7 channel push notification unit to communicate over a wireless modem in order to see if switches (1-7) are active or inactive. My end goal is to get a little UI that shows my switch states, just like the tutorial shows. I followed the tutorial, and used the sample code provided here: https://ncd.io/node-red-dashboard-enterprise-7-channel-push/
However, when I deploy the flow, I get an error on my wireless gateway node that says “failed to connect.”
I have previously gotten the modem and 7 channel unit to talk with each other using the alpha station software. I have the modem plugged into a usb on the pi as USB0. I set my gateway to serial USB at dev/ttyUSB0 with the 115200 Baud.
Does anyone have an idea of what I might be doing wrong?

When I go to my pi console and type “dmesg | grep tty” I get the response of FTDI USB serial Device Converter now attached to ttyUSB0

I am not sure what I have done incorrectly. I am new to node red and could use an “explain like I am a child” approach to support here.

In the wireless device node, I have the same USB0 in the device box, and I put in the mac address listed on the side of the 7 channel device.

Everything on the flow part looks the same as the tutorial (I had to change the device to 7 channel and add 5 channels to the text inputs as the copy/paste method only supplied two)

Please let me know if you see a glaring error or know of anything to try. I would be grateful for your help and a chance to learn more. This is a hobby project, but if I am successful, I will get to deploy it on a large scale test. Very exciting. Thanks,

Can you share your flow and screenshot of the node red setup.


Yes, I will do that tonight when I get home.