Ethernet to I2C - empty bus scan


I recently acquired a PR49-35_NCD5500 to communicate with two 5v I2C devices. The devices are externally powered so I made a 4-pin connector with only clock and data lines and wired those in to the correct spot on the first slave device in the chain. With everything wired up I used both AnyI2C and AlphaStation to attempt a bus scan to see the devices, 0xFF result. I hooked the slave device chain up to a fusion board on port 1 and verified that I can indeed see and communicate with the slave devices normally from the fusion board. I double checked the clock and data lines with the schematic for the PR49-35_NCD5500 to verify the lines are not switched and hooked up to the PR49-35_NCD5500 again. Bus scan is still empty. Not sure what my next debugging step should be here, any ideas?

@ryan1 can you please take a look?

Please make sure you also connect the ground line as this is required for communications.
Use only Alpha Station to scan as it has the most updated bus scan routines.
If this does not work for you, please try connecting a NCD device to the I2C bus and re-scan, here you will see it should be working properly, as this is a commonly used testing function.
Please let me know if this helps.