Ethernet Relay is Unresponsive

Ethernet Relay is Unresponsive

I recently purchased the Industrial Relay Controller 4-Channel DPDT + 8-Channel ADC with the NCD5500 Ethernet to Serial Module.

  • NCD5500

I have an identical board with the same IP address and am using it with a custom program using the NCDComponent.dll. I configured both Ethernet to Serial modules to the same settings. The board I started with runs fine and the relays turn off and on on command.

The second board does not respond to any of the commands. I’m able to connect to it with BASE Station but when I select it, BASE Station just says “Device Identification Failed”. The indicator lights light up on RDY and BSY but nothing happens.

I exchanged the Ethernet to Serial modules and experienced the same issue. Could you help me fix this issue?

Are both Busy and Ready lights lit at the same time? Also, please MAKE SURE the controller is not sitting on the anti-static bag that we include with the shipment. This is a conductive bag, and it will damage the controller if powered up while shorting out the bottom of the controller. We test every unit prior to shipment, if the problem persists, it will need to come back to us for repair.

No, the lights are not on at the same time, and I did not power it while on the bag. I spoke with support (request 7475) and am having it sent back.