Erasing Key Fob identification in Key Fob receiver 12C

Hi to the community, I hope I am posting in the correct place.
We are using a PI 3B with a Key Fob receiver 12 C Expansion to recognize a MS 418 Single Button Key Fob button press. Our application is to see a key fob button press, the software we developed alerts a Front Desk that the button has been pressed.
In order for the 12 C to operate we also had to place a “Solder Bridge” between the solder pads on TXIO.
Each 12 C will store up to 40 Key Fob’s using the unique identifier transmitted by the MS 418 key Fob.
Our issue we are trying to solve is: When we need to replace a Key Fob that has been registered to the 12C , We can not determine how to erase and replace with a new MS 418 identification number.
Does any have a suggestion ?

Hi Bryan,

That unfortunately is a limitation of the KeyFob encoder chips used in these products. If you loose a Fob you can pair a new one but you’ll need to update your script to utilize the new Fob ID. It is not possible to “edit” the fob ID list. It can only be added to(up to 40) or completely erased which requires pairing all fobs to the receiver again.