Environmental sensor - Constant gas resistance

I have the PR49-24L environmental sensor. The gas resistance reads a constant 12887828 ohms and IAQ stays at 21. After resetting, the gas resistance remains the same value of 12887828 ohms while IAQ does return to 0 during the sensor warm up time. After the warmup time, IAQ returns to and remains at 21. Temperature, humidity, and pressure are reading fine. Is my sensor possibly faulty? I get the same gas resistance readings in my office as I do in our clean-ish room.

sensor takes around 30 min to warm up.
are you testing with alpha station or labview ?

I’m getting the same readings well after the 30 minute warm up time. I did a reset Friday and the gas resistance has been 12887828 ohms since then. I’m using a modified version of the NCDEnterprise-Python library.

will you be bale to try the labview utility. link an be found on product page under resources.

Can the Labview utility be used with the wireless ethernet modem? I don’t have the usb modem. Alpha-station gives the same value for gas resistance.