Enterprise wireless temperature humidity sensor stopped sending data

Hi guys,

I just got 5 wireless temperature and humidity sensors, 4 out of the 5 seem to be working great. But number 5 randomly stopped sending data after I deployed it in the environment.

I can put it in config mode and alpha station sees it, i can update the config and that’s it. After i do a reset or a power cycle it never shows up again until i put it back in config mode. My gateway never gets packets and the usb modem i have never sees it in the alpha station screen that lists the sensors and packets received.

I double checked batteries, they all tested good. i also tried putting different batteries in. The xBee antenna wire seemed loose on the inside, so i tightened that all up. Nothing has changed.

Any ideas? I haven’t don’t anything radical with these sensors, i changed the timer to run every 30 minutes and wrote a custom MQTT app to read from the gateways. I would assume these things should just work.



Hi Casey,
Did you try factory reset ?
Is the sensor element physically damaged ?


no physical damage to ether the sensor or the IoT device its self. i had these sitting on my desk then walked them out to the factory and by the time i got back to my desk all other sensors were sending data and this one wasnt.

I have not done a full factory reset, i will have to find the document on how to do that and try it out.

Factory reset

  1. press and release reset button
  2. press and hold cfg button immediately after reset
  3. hold cfg button for 20 sec
  4. release cfg button
  5. wait for 5 sec
  6. press and release reset

I did that, got back into the config and changed the timer to be something quick for easy testing, no data shows up in and alpha station and now when i try to get into config alpha station says its an incorrect sensor type

this doesn’t sound correct.
I will recommend sending for an RMA

Okay, I will RMA it.