Enterprise Vibration/temperature Sensor - Alpha Station how to configure the sensor

I managed to use the Alpha stations to connect up my sensor. I also managed to use the setup button to see that configuration of the sensor in terms of pan id, node id, power level, etc.

How to I configure the sensing rates and transmission of data of the sensor?

I have also tried to use the ncd software from github, I am still not able to find the configuration setting

Is there another software I can use?

Labview will be ideal software for configuration.


Are you using the latest version of Alpha Station by any chance? The software is having problems reading the sensor data (in your screen shots), the settings are completely wrong. I thought we fixed this in the latest release, please let me know and I will look into it further. Also, if possible, please retry to configure a sensor with all other sensors in the area powered down. I have seen this problem before and I would really like to get this fixed in the next release if the problem is still persisting.