Entering config mode on PR52-33J crashes node-red

I have two sensors connected to my wireless gateway. I successfully updated the reading delay of a temperature sensor following guidance from the videos and articles, but when I try to do the same on the activity sensor, node-red shows the sensor is entering config mode and then I loose connection to the node-red server. I have to wait for the node-red server (on the gateway) to reload, and then power cycle the activity sensor to get it back to reporting as running. Have any ideas of why config mode on the activity sensor would cause node-red to crash?

  • Node-Red v0.19.5.
  • Brand new sensors and gateway
  • Communicating over Ethernet


Which settings do you have checked in the configuration to update? Did you only check Node ID/Delay or did you check other settings to update as well?

No other settings checked. It seems a config update did happen at one point, because the delay setting is changed now, but I was never able to see a full config process go through in Node-Red without it crashing.

We will check into this.

Any update on this issue? I have the same problem with the Activity Sensor. Doesn’t seem to happen with any other device

What library are you using in Node-Red to read the sensors? Are you using the Edge Computer?

ncd-red-wireless 1.6.22 and ncd-red-comm 1.7.2

I was running 1.6.21, saw the update and seems to be working now. Thanks Travis!