Endnode not connecting to corp wifi

Have an endnode device, seems like it might be a revision out form the latest. It doesn’t have the multi color status bar on it. i am trying to connect the device to corporate wifi (Cisco) but we can’t even see attempts from the mac address. I have been able to connect via personal hotspot on android phone and tmobile dedicated hotspot. verified the mac address when it connected. There is no wired capability. I have power cycled the device multiple times. light is just blinking white, which should mean it is trying to connect. Is there any logs to pull from the device to see what the error is and why it isn’t connecting? Corp wifi is 2.4Ghz N network. any ideas?


Can you tell us specifically which EndNode product you are working with? Or just provide the online order number from when this item was purchased?

What type of security does this WiFi Network require? If it is a “Walled Garden”(requires entering credentials in a web browser) then it will not be possible to connect to that network.

It is not a walled garden. We setup a specific SSID for it and whitelisted the MAC. We also then allowed all device (no whitelisting) and still can’t even see it connecting

Is there a way to factory reset the device or remove wifi profiles from it?

If you put the device into configuration mode, then press and hold the CFG button until the LED begins flashing random colors that will factory reset it.

All that said however if it will connect to every other WiFi network but not this one then there is a compatibility issue of some sort with that network. What type of security is it using?

It is using WPA2 AES. After the reset I may tried to removed the security and see if we can get it to connect

I was able to factory reset it and get it to connect to the corp wifi.

Now I am trying to get the alerting to work correctly. Corp IT has given me a SMTP server to connect to, but no credentials. Does the device support anonymous SMTP access, with just server and port?

Hi Matt,

No, it expects a username and password. We would need to update the firmware to support SMTP connection without credentials. I have not had this request in the past. Does it work if you just enter dummy credentials like:
username: username
password: password
Not sure if the SMTP connection would fail or not in that way.

Trying to find out more from corp it on the requirements