Endnode max frequency of reading


I would like to know the maximum frequency of Endnode reading.
In other words, what is the minimum time that can elapse between two read requests are sent to the Endnode by an external device.

The reason is that I want to use a 4-20mA laser distance measuring sensor to determine the linear velocity of a piece of equipment. To do this, I need to be able to read the distance between the mobile equipment and the laser twice very close together. Then: V = Delta distance / Delta time


endNode products are “speak when spoken to” devices, they only answer a request for data. The time that it takes to send a request and receive a reply from the device varies according to many factors, including communications protocols (wireless is slower than USB, ethernet can be slower depending on the network, but it can also be very fast when working with simple small networks. USB can usually respond within 100ms estimated (we have not taken any formal readings on this). Wireless may take up to 500ms depending on interference. In addition, the controller takes longer to process a request for 4 channels vs a 1-channel request for data. Hope this helps.

Thank you Ryan,

I think I will have to find another solution because in this case I have to take 1 distance measurement every 100ms in order to be able to calculate the speed.