EndNode Issue: Ambient Temperature affecting signal output

We have two ASM1-1 Endnode that we are using to connect to a Flow Meter’s 4-20ma output. Current range on the Flow Meter is 0 to 3177 scfm.

Using your Alpha software to directly connect to the EndNode we are seeing a swing in the raw value displayed when our input (using an inline Fluke multimeter) is showing a steady 4.001 ma reading. Calculating the EndNode raw value into a pressure reading results in a swing from 0 to 5 scfm on one Endnode and 0 to 15 scfm on the other endnode during a temperature drop from 80F to 65F.

We have tested both units over several days, and both raw values increase as the temperature decreases.

Please advise.


what is the loop voltage ?
what the input power supply and is there any change it might be noisy ?