Enclosure with tabs removed

Is there an enclosure that is known to work well with the ProXR Lite 4 channel/5A relay board which has had the tabs removed? I know that the relay board will mount into a Hammond 1591XXDFL when the tabs are left in place but I am looking for a smaller enclosure that will accommodate the smaller footprint of the board without the tabs.



Hi Ken,

There is not an exact fit to my knowledge, we designed it to fit the Hammond box, but gave users the option to break unused PCB space off in case they needed it smaller. I’m sure you can find a generic electronics enclosure from a supplier such as budind.com or polycase.com

Is it possible to get the dimensions of the 4-channel relay board with the tabs removed? I did find this drawing: https://media.ncd.io/sites/2/20170721143516/R45PL_USB-MECH.gif?_ga=2.229748508.1265660190.1683696735-910155162.1683442161 on this page: https://store.ncd.io/product/web-relay/ but the distance between hole and length of the board in the long direction do not match the board I have. To be sure, the board I have is marked “R4xPL” and “PR60-3” rev G2B. It seems that the board I have is about 0.150" longer than is shown in the drawing.

The board seems closer to 3.9" than the 3.75 indicated in the drawing and the distance between holes seems closer to 3.5" than the 3.415" indicated in the drawing.

I am going to make a case and I do have CNC equipment so getting the exact numbers and plugging them is is easiest for me.

To be completely honest that board was designed in some very very old PCB CAD software. It was great for designing PCBs but absolutely terrible for mechanical drawings. I would highly recommend taking measurements from the physical board itself.