Enclosure Suggestions for Energy Monitor setup

Hi all, I’m deploying a Pi3 with an I2C shield and a single-channel energy monitor board. I want to wall mount this and feed whichever power run I’m monitor through the box- probably would need to have a romex connector on either side, with the Pi and board inside. I’m thinking I’ll just use a large j-box type enclosure, but I’m unsure how to secure the Pi and monitor board inside- I’m also not sure what to do about the required power for both devices. Is there a female panel mount microUSB female jack I should mount to the outside (that has attached the male end to plug into the Pi?) And I guess I would need a similar panel mount connector for the 12v power for the power monitor board (the plug is “2.1mm I.D. x 5.5mm O.D. x 9.5mm Barrel Connector”). The power monitor board is the NCD “1-Channel On-Board 97% Accuracy 70-Amp AC Current Monitor with I2C Interface”. Hindsight is telling me at this stage that I should’ve sprung for the off-board sensor variant of this, but for now this is what I’ve got…


You can get something like this supply

You can share the 12V between current monitor board and this adapter. This adapter will power up the pi.

Off board is a better idea if you are planning to put board and setup in a box. Its keeps wiring simple and easy.

for mounting you could get a box like this
or this kind
I prefer 2nd one. it has opening for wires.


Hi again Bhaskar, thanks for the reply! Yes, it does seem like the 12v/5v converter is a good plan…I’ll just need to put together the F jack that matches the 12v adapter supplied with the current monitor board, and get another M jack to hook up in parallel with the converter on the “inside” of the box.

As far as the box goes…I do have a few larger J-boxes (like the second one you linked) lying around…but I guess I’m still a little more remedial in this topic. How do I go about mounting the pi and the current monitor board inside the junction box? I’m not sure what you mean by “off board”. Sorry, I’m new at this!