Email Generator cannot login after configuration

I have installed 8 of the Email Generators and was able to initial config 3 of the units the 4th is flashing blue but does not broadcast ssid.

Once the 3 are online and connected to wifi I cannot browse to the units via web browser to try and configure them http or https I get err_connection_refused

How can I connect to change config settings after initial configuration?


Pressing the CFG button on the side of the units will put them back into Configuration mode. The LED will begin flashing blue and the unit will begin broadcasting an SSID you may connect to. The Configuration interface is only available when the units are in configuration mode.

As for the unit which is not broadcasting an SSID I would recommend a factory reset. Just make sure it is in configuration mode(Flashing Blue LED), then press and hold the CFG button on the side until the LED flashes random colors, then release the button. The device will reboot with factory default settings and should begin broadcasting an SSID you may connect to.

Thank you I will test that now. Is there any firmware updates I need to add to the units?

No Firmware updates should be required.