Email Generator cannot login after configuration

I have installed 8 of the Email Generators and was able to initial config 3 of the units the 4th is flashing blue but does not broadcast ssid.

Once the 3 are online and connected to wifi I cannot browse to the units via web browser to try and configure them http or https I get err_connection_refused

How can I connect to change config settings after initial configuration?


Pressing the CFG button on the side of the units will put them back into Configuration mode. The LED will begin flashing blue and the unit will begin broadcasting an SSID you may connect to. The Configuration interface is only available when the units are in configuration mode.

As for the unit which is not broadcasting an SSID I would recommend a factory reset. Just make sure it is in configuration mode(Flashing Blue LED), then press and hold the CFG button on the side until the LED flashes random colors, then release the button. The device will reboot with factory default settings and should begin broadcasting an SSID you may connect to.

Thank you I will test that now. Is there any firmware updates I need to add to the units?

No Firmware updates should be required.

Hello, I have configured these units will all relevantly info and led is green, I have toggle switches connected to the inputs Which will close the contact to send an email.

As soon as I flip the toggle the unit flashes blue and stays there for a while (3-5 mins) then goes green again.
When it is flashing blue it does not show up under wireless devices.
There is never a red light

Emails also do not go through.

I have tried to swap the wires in the connector and has no effect.

The second unit I have when I flip the toggle the leds all go off (except the side power light stays lit red) then eventually goes back to flashing blue.

I am at a loss here as these are supposed simple units.

It seems as if as soon as the unit recieves and input it switches to configuration mode.

Is there any phone support avail as I keep going to site with my customer, have an issue and have to wait for chat replies and setup to go back to site again.


What email broker are you using and did you perform the necessary steps to enable SMTP on that Email Broker account?

Hi Travis testing with gmail but was setting them up at cust site for smtptogo and exact same issue.
Attaching screens of the simple setup, when I save settings flashes white for a bit (what does white mean the manual does not show that?) then flashes blue then green.

As soon as I close the contact it goes right into config mode flashing blue.

It has happened on 3 of the 8 I have tried so far.

I have never seen a red light meaning config issue so not sure where to go from here are these units DOA??

Here is a link to the video

Flashing White indicates the device is connecting to the WiFi Network.

Flashing Blue indicates the device is attempting to send an email if the unit is in RUN mode.

Flashing Green means device is associated with WiFi and is standing by.

Try entering an email address for the Power Up email and see if you get an email after the device boots.

Also there is a video here about configuring GMAIL to work with SMTP. Make sure that is all correct:

Hi Travis no luck exact same response.
I went into Gmail added the app password for my personal email to test , typed the 16 chars into the password field in the generator and nada. nothing in my sent or received, rebooted, no change or email.
right now is flashing green as soon as I touch the wires to close contact it flashes blue and does not send email or change state to flashing green.

I can ping it so I know it is on the network.

Hi Travis is there anyone else that can help me out here I cannot be waiting days for support responses I have been fighting with this thing all day and the best I could get was 3 contact open and close emails and 1 power on email.
That is it no more since then no matter if I reconfig the unit, their my personal Outlook but the settings I tried do not work at all I tried, 587 with username and password and Nada!

the one time it worked after I closed the contact and opened it a min later went back to flashing green,
Ever since then after multiple reconfig, trying diff settings as soon as the contact closes, blue light flashes forever.

As there is no way to connect to this thing after config, you cannot verify the setting you entered nor see what it is doing besides flashing a light.

I have bought 8 of these units and they are paperweights! I am trying to use them in a simple setup I have 32 registers, each has a simple toggle switch and when they flip the switch, closes the contact and the generator is supposed to send the email that the register needs assistance.

I was unaware when we purchased all of these that no one from NCD would actually talk to you to help other than trying to go back and forth in a forum, Can no one from NCD talk to me over the phone or teams or anything to sort this out??

HI Travis, We can send from a laptop to SMTP2GO using this info but still will not send through NCD contact closure:
PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Send-MailMessage -To “” -From “” -Subject “ncdtest” -Body “Some important plain text!” -Credential (Get-Credential) -SmtpServer “” -Port 587

cmdlet Get-Credential at command pipeline position 1

Supply values for the following parameters: