Electromagnetic interference with Predictive Maintenance Sensor

I have a Predictive Maintenance Sensor that uses the 5500 ethernet modem. When the machine that the sensor is attached to is down I receive data from the sensor. However when the machine is running I receive no broadcasts.

I’m thinking that this problem is due to electromagnetic interference because the machine is a high voltage machine with a lot of pcbs and controllers. Has anyone else run into this issue and what is the best way to remedy it? I have a 900 mhz remote antenna ordered that I plan to distance from the control cabinet that I hope to try by the end of this week. I hate to move the sensor box itself because it’s in a nice location that will prevent it from being knocked around or damaged.

I appreciate any comments. Thanks!

hi jeff,
remove the current sensor and see if you get the data.


No luck on disconnecting the current sensor. Still no data.

after removing the current senor please make sure you reset the sensor.

OK, after reset it DID start transmitting. What now? The current sensor is the main sensor I need. Thanks for your help Bhaskar!

Hi Jeff,
The noise is coming through the current sensor and its killing the rest of the devices. Out of the thousands installation i have seen similar issue with one other installation.

You will be better off adding a current sensor like this one

we are actively working on making some changes in the predictive sensor hardware and firmware to fight high noise environment.
But the testing is quite challenging because we don’t have the motors which we can use to reproduce the issue you are facing.

if we can do something in firmware to fix this i will let you know. in that case you can send your device for a firmware upgrade.

I really need the vibration and temperature also in addition to the current sensor. Do you think any type of shielding on the current sensor/wire would help?

i am not sure if the shielding will help. there is no harm in trying.
I was recommending using two sensors. PM sensor for vib and temp and a separate for current. i understand its not the ideal solution.

I have some 3M shielding tape on the way, I’ll let you know how it goes. Adding a second sensor to each line would break my budget as I have 30 machines to monitor. Thanks for your help so far, I’ll keep you posted.