Electromagnetic Flowmeter with 4-20mA output


I plant to connect flow meter in one building with a wireless mirror 4-20mA. I saw Wireless 4-20ma Transmitter Receiver MirPro Pair 4 Channel is suitable for me, 4 channel will be connect flow rate, temperature and pressure. But is possible to distracted by wall? we can assume that the transmitter in 1 floor and the receiver in 5-10 floor. if yes, do you have any suggestion about the product that can fix it?

and what product that we can use if we will mirror 4-20mA with around 18 miles?


These devices utilize long range wireless 900mhz modules. With the antennas we include they are rated for 2 miles clear line of site or 1000 ft for indoor/obstructed installations. However it is very difficult to determine how a wireless device will work in an unknown environment. For both installations you have suggested(going through 5-10 floors/18 miles) the devices stock will not be suitable as there is too much distance and too many obstructions. This type of application would be better suited to network connected devices that utilize an MQTT Broker to communicate over the internet. This is something we are working on now but do not have available just yet. We hope to make these devices available in the next month or two.