Electrical Specs for 1-Channel DPDT Signal Relay Shield + 7 GPIO with IoT Interface PR16-3-1A

I am having a hard time finding the detailed electrical specifications for this board (and related boards) on your site.

  1. What are the input voltage limitations of the “12V” connector?
  • i.e. what is the max input voltage at the power connector?
    - can this be powered via MODBUS V12-24V?
    - or 24V marine/solar battery system, or CANBUS which can reach 28-36VDC charging levels?
  1. What is the current load in standby?
    (e.g. Assuming a particle.io Electron is being used as a controller
    ~500mA when transmitting LTE)
  2. And what is the current load when the relay(s) are activated?
    (I haven’t been able to find a table to help calculate this depending on the
    type and number of relays in this family of products)

If I’ll need to regulate MODBUS Power from ~22V to 12V, I’ll need to know how much power I’ll be dissipating.


Hi David,

  1. The max power input could be 13VDC.
  2. The board consumes around 20mA @12VDC ( no particle module installed)
  3. Relay consumes around 10mA when its activated


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