Don't get data in right pacing as configured

I am using Vibration Sensor V3, already set Sampling frequency to 1 min (last in the list) from Node Red, by the way this option is not listed in the manual, but the device only transmit every 8 min, not sure where else to look. The other issue is getting null data in something has vibration. I could’t find in the manual an answer for this, by the way it is very basic in terms of configuration or troubleshooting. If lead customer to read the manual multiple times and it is not completed in terms of configuration, how customer will do? For example besides the delay, regardless if it is 30 seconds, the sampling time is what manner, which is confusing, but this device doesn’t follow either one.

I found the issue, it is related with 1 min option showing in the configuration, apparently has a bug, and the data is been sending every 7-8 min instead. It is better use the 5 min options and so on. Looks that the delay parameter near the Node ID, even if it is shown in the configuration, doing nothing, which is confusing also.

Friendly recommendation:
-If the delay parameter is not using any more, remove from configuration
-Indicate with more detail the basic configuration steps in the manual what parameters to set to make the sensor works properly.
-For customer doing testing and based on the way of the sensor works, which is doing the “signature profile at startup”, it is good recommendation to suggest a customer use a little vibration table that change the status of the sensors after it is power on. The creation of the baseline masking any reading and get 0 values after power on. Which is confusing customer familiar with V2, you can read right away.


The latest firmware does not support a report interval down to 1 minute. Software has not caught up to that just yet as you found. We will update soon.