Does the API support Ethernet for Fusion Controllers?

I’ve been using fusion controllers with USB daily for about 2 years now and just discovered that when some of the docs floating around say “use the api,” that there is, in fact, a .dll to use. I couldn’t find that .dll years ago and just formatted my messages manually…

Regardless, I’m now looking at migrating to tcp ethernet comms. I tried to use the api, but the only examples I found pop up a box for serial comms on setup. Digging through the available properties and methods, I see nothing that indicates this helps me with ethernet. Does the api have any support for tcp ethernet?

I am brand new to ethernet and was unaware that serial ports were used over it. Am I correct in assuming that there is no difference in protocol from USB vs ethernet and these just imply the mediums used to transport the serial stream?

Any C# examples with ethernet usage?

Thanks, Corey

Hi, in most cases when the documentation refers to using the API it is referring to API encoding your command bytes.

This API is the 170 [length] [commandByte1] [commandByte2] [commandByte3] [checksum] format.

Your existing software should only need to change minimally as instead of opening a Serial port and sending the commands you open a TCP socket and send the exact same commands.

I don’t know that we have anything for C# outside of the .dll you’ve already found, but if it will help I wrote a library in Python a while back so you can see how a socket connection works:

Under examples there will be a file.

Thanks for the response, Jacob.

I’ll take a look at the library you referenced and make the necessary changes then. Glad to hear that it’s not a major overhaul.