Digital Twin Hardware Selection


I am currently constructing a digital twin of an office space on the Azure platform and am now in the process of purchasing hardware. I am looking to capture the following data: temperature, humidity, lighting (if off/on and power consumption), water use (off/on and gallons used), and HVAC monitoring.

I am looking thus far at purchasing the “IoT Long Range Wireless Environmental Temperature Humidity Pressure Air Quality Sensor” as well as the “Azure Gateway - Wi-Fi Micro Gateway” but cannot find devices to capture lighting, water, and HVAC needs.

I have two questions-
1: Do you sell devices that can capture the data fields above?
2: If not, can other manufacturers devices connect to the Azure Gateway device? Would you recommend any particular devices or sellers?

Thank you for your time!


Hi Matthew,

This sensor can be used to monitor light level:

For water meter monitoring you will need to source a Hall effect water meter similar to this device:

This flow sensor generates a pulse for each rotation of the impeller which can be used to calculate water usage. This sensor will count those pulses and report the count on interval:

I am not sure what you are looking to monitor on HVAC. Please elaborate.

We have current monitoring sensors available here:

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Hi Travis,

Thank you for the info, very helpful!

You mentioned elaborating on what I am looking to monitor, below is a full list of data points:

  • On / Off
  • Hue
  • Intensity (Candles)


  • Measured in F and C


  • Percentage

-Air Pressure

  • Atmospheres

-Air Quality

  • Air quality index (ppm)
  • CO2 levels (PPM)


  • KWH

-Doors / Windows

  • Open / Closed


  • Sound level (decibel)


  • On / Off
  • Use (Gallons)


  • Heating On / Off
  • Heating efficiency
  • Ventilation On / Off
  • Ventilation rate
  • AC On / Off
  • AC efficiency


  • Exit / Entry
  • Persons in room


  • % of trash filled
  • % of dispensers filled

Would you be able to advise on equipment to reach these data points?

Thank you again for your assistance.