Differential Pressure Measurement - IoT Long Range Wireless Product Line

Do you guys have room on the IoT Sensor Patch for an AMS5812 or similar differential pressure gauge ?
It’s fine if the ports penetrate the front cover of the enclosure.

The application would be to run tubing from the IoT enclosure to each side of air filters to measure the head loss (DP) across the air filter.

Industrial HVAC Filter Changes would be requested/scheduled based on the pressure loss through the air filter element. The same type sensor could also measure the pressure loss through the coil, to schedule a coil cleaning.

This DP sensor would also be used in other similar “AIR” processes to protect equipment by knowing when Static Pressures change for any reason, by leaving 1 port/tube open to the atmosphere verses downstream of a filter.


Hey Ryan,

Would you want that to be battery powered?


Yes, the same IoT wireless Board.

The wireless sensor board supports all AMS5812 series sensors.
Do you have any particular AMS sensor in mind?

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Thanks @Anil_Bhaskar, I’ll read the operating pressures (next trip to the site) and then I’ll be able to select the appropriate Bidirectional Differential AMS5812 from the datasheet.

My best guess right now is 5812-0001-D-B or AMS 5812-0003-D-B

Thanks for your help.

So 2" of water column (0.072 psi) headloss is the trigger point for a filter change at this facility, which lands almost exactly on the 5812-000 0 -D-B.

@Anil_Bhaskar, I’d like to test with the next selection = AMS 5812-000 1 -D-B for a little wiggle room on the headloss range. Lets go Bidirectional & Differential so I don’t have to worry about the air tubing getting swapped to the wrong ports in the future.


Thanks for your help guys!

we can use this sensor

will work on integrating this with the wireless board.