Definition of "Factory Configurable"

Hi there,

Some of your enterprise sensors make reference to specific device settings that are “factory configurable”, for example:

“This IoT Long Range Wireless Light Sensor has an additional feature of detecting change in ambient light every 7 seconds (factory configurable) and sending out samples if the change is greater than 10% (factory configurable).”

Can you please tell me more about “factory configurable” settings? Can they be updated programmatically in the same manner as the encryption key or sensor network ID?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Cormac,
Yes, you can change the % change parameter and the time just like other settings.

This is something could be useful when user wants to send data only when there is significant change in the sensor readings.

If you are using UI it will looks something like this

I renamed it user configurable, to make it more clear.

That’s great Bhaskar - thanks a lot for clarify and for updating the docs!