Data Receiving Delay


I bought [3 Channel Industrial IoT Wireless AC Current Monitor Sensor] this sensor, and I changed the delay time as every 10 seconds. In the begining, it was working well, but after a few weeks(about a month) I noticed that the delay time is being changed like the pic I attached.

I used alphastation to change the delay time using USB modem, disconnect the sensor with USB modem, and then I connected to the edge computer to let the sensor communicate with AWS.
Is there some way to change the delay time to every 10 seconds without using USB modem?

And one thing more, I received the repair service for my vibration sensor(V2 version of wireless 3axis vibration sensor), but after a week later, it doesn’t send any data to AWS IoT. I didn’t make any changes with the sensor and other sensors are sending data nicely.

Thank you so much for all your helps.

these sensors do not have an RTC. so it can never sends data dead on 10sec interval.

So what is the minimum delay time can I set up?

the minimum interval we recommend is 5sec.
Yes, you can change the interval using node red and edge computer.
The minimum data transmission interval for the vibration sensor V3 is 1min. use node red to configure the vibration sensor. you will find a parameter called sample interval use that.
I am suspecting you used changed the delay value in V3 and that killed the battery.

Thank you for your explanation.
I’m using 4 peices of V2 Vibration sensors and 5peices of 3channel Current sensors. Those are having the same minimal interval range as V3 vibration sensor?

in that case you can use them at 5sec interval.

But the V2 Vibration sensor was using 5sec interval. I’m not using V3 sensor yet.

Vibration_3 and Vibration_4 are all V2 vibration sensor and using 5 sec interval. Now the vibration_3 sensor also isn’t sending data to IoT. Those sensors received repair service a few weeks ago since those were not working and I’m having the same problem.

Check your battery voltage

Okay I’ll check it. And also let me change the current data interval as 5sec. Thank you!

Can I change the interval for current sensor in here?

Hello, can I change the delay time in that way?

Thank you so much for the video!