CurrentMonitor FeatherM0 Adapter

I have a few PR38-14_30A type current monitors that are out of WiFi range. I would like to switch them from Photon to LoRa. We already use the Adafruit Feather M0 Lora 915Mhz with other I2C devices.

I have a particle “legacy adapter v1.00” but it doesn’t seem to fit the board because of the electrolytics near board.

Does NCD have an adapter board to use the 2 or 4 channel PR38 Power Monitor board with a Feather M0? It needs to power the Feather and level shift I2C to 3.3V.

Is this the correct board: Feather To IoT Adapter For Particle and Feather Modules -

Will it power the Feather?

yes, this adapter will convert IOT port into feather port.

Great! Will it power the Feather?

yes, it will supply 5V.