Current Sensor Configuration

Hello Team,

We have purchased your current sensor with model number DLCT27C10. We are capturing the 3 phase values of a Siemens Motor and need to calibrate the same. However, we are facing challenge in the same.

We measured the value using a clamp and we are getting a constant value with the same. However, the sensor reading is varying every second with +/- 1 Amp value. This is not as expected.

The output A.C. current is in the range of 0 to 4.6 Amp.

We are following the document “Current-Monitoring-Reference-Guide.pdf” to calibrate current sensor values. Can you please help us to know:

  1. How precise current value can be sensed?
  2. What should be the reference calibration values for the current? In the document, it is written that “we strongly suggest users make only small changes to the current settings”. What do you mean by current settings? Does it mean the factory setting of calibration values?


Hi Tushar,
The On board sensor series is ideal for resistive load.
Motor is an highly inductive loads. Thats why you are getting values all over.

The off board sensors are deigned to work with resistive, inductive and mix loads.

  1. the DLCT can read close by values but not accurate while its been used to measure inductive load current
  2. the the factory calibration value