Current draw for relay cards

Does anyone know the current draw for the following:
4 channel relay controller with I2C?
8 channel Digital I/O with I2C?
1 channel DC Current Monitor with I2C?

I am calculating the total current draw for my project so that the cooling load and power requirements can be calculated.

Thank you


The MCP23008 Digital IO board and the 4 channel relay board are going to have extremely low standby power draw. They actually do not even register on my desktop power supply so I would say they are less than 10mA each. Each relay on the 4 channel relay controller will draw approximately 30mA when energized.

The 1 channel DC current monitor will also draw very little power(Less than 10mA).

So I would speculate the maximum current draw of all three devices with all 4 relays on is going to be around 150mA at 12VDC. If you need more accurate estimates than that please let me know.