Current 4-20mA Receiver

I did try to power up 4-20 mA receiver with 12 Volt power supply and included batteries, but there is nothing on the device, so I would know it is running,
Does it have LED or something I would know it is working? I did read all the instructions I could find to explain it, but no info on them.


Hi Markku,

No, there is no LED. If you want to operate the device from external power then make sure the switch is switched away from the closest wall of the enclosure, if you want to power it by battery then make sure the switch is flipped towards the closest enclosure wall.

So there is no way to know if device is active or not? I already knew the jumper settings.

Later version products have on board LEDs that flash when a transmission is sent but previous models do not have any visual indication(LED).


I got the AWS Gateway working thanks to you and now I would like to test my Current Receiver. What is the best tools to do it: Zigmo/Router for PC and download LabVIEW Utility. After I get it working I can make talk with Gateway.
Sorry for all of my questions, but I’m new with this IoT business