Controlling Bridge5X or I2C 8 port in Linux


Is it possible to read, control etc, sensor, relays that are attached to a BridgeX5 I2C port, or 8 port i2C board using linux with possibly python? I want to build a program using python. If not, then i’m maybe forced to use windows?..

I’m thinking of installing a setup of relayboards with I2C connectors that are connected to an BridgeX5 controller or the new 8 port I2C.

If someone would point out if it is possible, and maybe a link to documentation, then that would be nice.

Thank you!

Yes, this is definitely possible. The BridgeX5 is discontinued, but the new 8-Port bridge is a new product that is fully documented. It’s a good idea to test under windows, but it is ultimately a serial device, so it will work on any platform. We do not have Linux/Python drivers at this time, but it is on our long-term roadmap. To review the documentation, please click on the “Resources” tab on the product page. This will contain links to all relevant documentation.

Dear ryan1 et all,

As my mine goal in the future is to use relay boards with mainly the MCP23008 microchip i’ve decided to use Node-Red. NCD has got some great videos on how to use node-red with this device and i have tested it and that was great.

So i’ll be continuing using node-red. I hope someday NCD will also let us see how to read a temperature sensor like for instance the HYT-939.

Thank you.

You can use the HYT-939 with AnyI2C software (, which was designed to work with our modern I2C converters (anything except BridgeX5). AnyI2C should provide a full working example of how to communicate, but again, we do not have samples in Linux outside Node Red.