Controlling AD5252/AD5454 via Commandline(groovy/CLI)

HI there,

i am trying the AD5252/AD5454 both controlled via USB<-> I2C controller for the first time and AnyI2C GUI(windows) and it works like a charm.

however, could someone please help me with instructions on how to control both products via Commandline? like reading/writing to serial port of USBI2C with easy conversion of resistances to I2Ccommands. i needed specific help in constructing the commands & ways to send them to the USB I2C controller via Commandline instead of GUI…

looking forward for your help.

Hi, you can find a guide for using the Serial to I2C devices at

The USB on the board mounts as a virtual serial port so it will be applicable.

In a nutshell any library that you find for the AD5252/AD5454 will work, but the commands will need to be wrapped in the API detailed in the guide above and go out of the Serial Port instead of the I2C.