Controlling a Bluetooth Relay board from webpage

I have seen the different apps that open on an android device to allow you to control relays by Bluetooth. What I need to know is if there is a way to tie that functionality into a website.

Here is my application.

I am setting up a kiosk on an Android Tablet running OS It will lock in a website. On that website, the user has 6 large squares they can click, each containing a graphic. When they click a square it zooms in full screen and starts playing an mp3 file.

What I need, is a way to tell each of 6 relays to lock on when the mp3 starts playing and shut off when it ends.

This will allow us to let a light shine on the object we are talking about to highlight it for the user while the audio file is being played.

So I would have to add some code (Of which I am not sure) to the site that basically says while 01.mp3 is playing, turn on relay 1. while 02.mp3 is playing, turn on relay 2, and so on. If no mp3 is playing, all relays off.

The webpage already makes sure that only one mp3 can play at the same time.

Can this be done with your product or do you know of a way to achieve this?

Thank you,

Hi Bob,

The simple answer is yes.

The long answer is it depends on how the software/framework used to create the original application works.

If the original interface was built using a Xamarin type framework where there is an application on the device that serves out web pages for the interface then it should be able to access bluetooth using that framework’s libraries.

If the web page is just a web page served from an external server then the browser would not have access to bluetooth so it would be much more difficult.