Continuous time domain data

We currently have the PR52-33N and I am trying to get Time Domain data continuously through the modem. We currently have the USB into Node-Red, but are willing to use any setup needed to get continuous time domain data without needing manual interaction.
Is there some setup using either this sensor or another that will be possible?

Yes, you can set the sensor to send time domain data all the time. I will recommend using labview ui for setup and initial testing.

I have been following the guides listed and the guide on the sensor page.
I have the following programs:
Wireless Vibration tester
Wireless vibration tester_v2
Wireless Vibration and temperature sensor.

When I launch Alpha Station I am able to get access to the sensor and pull data, it also pulls into node red.
However, using the above programs for configured the Time Domain data do not seem to read the sensor at all.
I have looked through the trouble shooting steps and factory defaulted the device.
I do not get any errors, and the only consistent change I have done to the sensor is modify the time between transmissions down to 6 seconds, and the Node ID to 1 since i have 5 other sensors that are different devices.
I made these changes after running into issues directly after factory defaulting the device.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Are you using the time series exe ?

after putting in configure mode select "only time domain’ in the time series data section.

in run mode click on time/freq analysis to view time domain data

Let me know if you run into any issue

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I was not using that program. I did not see anywhere to download that.
That got it working for me, now all is to do is figure out how that data is decipherable in node-red.

@jacob i beleive you wrote a python script to parse the time domain data. please can you share the link.