Contact Closure - Push notification without PC

I’ve successfuly setup a single contact closure board with WIFI push notification to email using N-Button Lite. Is there a way to send the email with the board itself? or an additional board with out a PC on the LAN?


You could use one of our IFTTT compatible boards with the IFTTT service. Boards:

Or you could use an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Photon, etc. to write on-board code for one of our I2C boards.

Hi, what kind of board do you have?

If your board has wifi connectivity, you could code in it http calls to programs like Pushbullet or Pusher and send yourself a notification like explained here:

The Serial Port Tool Website and N Button are gone now… I would have liked to got a lifetime license of their most recent version before they went away… Can someone help me with push notification ? The documentation mentions software that is not at the URL !